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From me

From me
12 сентября 2014 - 31 мая 2015
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From me
11 марта 2014 - 10 апреля 2014
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The opening of a memorial exhibition by the sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov "from me" is planned to be held in the Museum of Modern Art (prospect Nezavisimosti, 47) on March 12, 2014.
The exhibition will be opened from 12.03.2014 – 10.04.2014.
The famous Polish film director Kshyshtof Zanussi, looking at "grazing" bronze horse at Kamarovsky market – in the saddle which enthusiastically jumped another child – said to his companions, "If you put a sculpture like that in Minsk, undoubtedly these city is European city". Company immortalized the words of maestro by making photo together near the sculpture, and the picture was presented to its author.
Vladimir Zhbanov (1954 – 2012) – perhaps was the most famous contemporary Belarusian sculptor. He deserved our appreciation, because it was he who first brought to the viewer the urban sculpture, freeing it from the high pedestals and pathetic ideological messages. We are all familiar with the works of Vladimir Zhbanov: "The lady on the bench", "Girl with umbrella" at the Mikhailovsky Park, "Stargazer" on Star Square in Mogilev and many of his sculptures that are installed in the cities of Belarus and are being loved by people.
And yet, the exhibition "From Me" is the first solo exhibition of the sculptor. Consistent with personal plans of artist, it is prepared for his 60 – year anniversary. He wanted to go out to the viewer, displaying confidence, maturity and experience gained. But today, in the absence of the author, the purpose of the exhibition is different: it is important not only to recall the popular, existing works of the sculptor, it is important to introduce all the new, as yet unknown to us Vladimir Zhbanov. With energy and visible beauty of his works remain unfulfilled due to one or other circumstances. With his system of thoughts, with his ideas and the search for creative plans – that sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov prepared for life in urban spaces. Therefore, this exhibition is the message.
Demonstration of films devoted to Vladimir, sculptural symposiums and master – classes, constant meetings with friends and colleagues of Vladimir Zhbanov will be held during the exhibition. The project will be completed by the round table dedicated to the works of the sculptor and his role in the Belarusian art.
Curators of the exhibition: Larissa Mihnevich and Paul Wynn.
Author – designer of the exposure is Sergei Pozheritsky.